About Us

Judy's Story

Judy James was born into the natural world of plants and herbal medicine. She grew up in Alabama, and her earliest childhood memories were those of being in nature, surrounded by the plant world playing outside with her friends. Years later when her children were very young her son Bart started having problems with ear infections and soon her daughter Erin began to have the same issues. Judy was tired of medications and antibiotics and was in search of a healthier approach to treating them.

Judy started looking into various healing modalities to care for her kids when Divine destiny stepped in and led her to a deep study of herbal medicine, when quite by serendipity, she found herself living around the corner from the most well-known living herbalist in the US, Tommie Bass in 1983.

After moving to this new home in the countryside, she would be outside working in her garden with her kids
playing in the fields, and people would continually stop to ask her "Where does Tommie Bass the herb man live?

At that time, she had no idea what an "herb man" was, but she wanted to find out. So one day she packed her kids into the car and drove over to Tommie's house to see who this man was.

She found a truly unique individual living in a two-room shack at the foot of the mountains, who was not only brilliant, but also kind and generous with his time and wisdom. Judy will tell you he was one of the kindest, and most generous souls she's ever met.

One day back in 1983, Judy went to visit Tommie to ask his opinion about the herbs she needed to use to keep her kids healthy. On that cold winter night in February, as a pot of Sassafras tea steeped on a two-burner coal stove, a deep kinship and mentorship was born. Tommie and Judy decided to team up together so that he could share his wealth of knowledge from decades of wisdom and practice as a true backwoods herbalist.

Tommie became Judy's mentor and for the next 15 years they traveled the country together doing "Herb Talks" at garden clubs, rotary clubs, schools, universities, church groups and anywhere people desired to learn from the best.

They were featured on local news programs as well as, national television on the program Portrait of America on TBS, and PM Magazine. Judy was also featured with Tommie in a well known documentary called "Tommie Bass" which is available on Folkstreams.net.

Today the legacy continues as Judy's children and grandchildren, who have been brought up in the herbal world, follow in her footsteps. Erin James is Judy's daughter and she owns and operates The Herbal Heart in Nashville, TN carrying on her mother's legacy.

Erin's Story

Erin James grew up in the world of alternative health and herbs as a second-generation herbalist. Nothing makes her happier than to carry on her Mother's incredible legacy. Erin delights in helping others discover the magical world of herbs and their inherent power to bring health and wellness to people.

Her store, The Herbal Heart, allows Erin to walk the healing journey with you as you become more aware of your own personal healing power using nature's pharmacy. Education is fundamental when desiring a healthier body temple, and understanding the steps necessary for optimal health and well-being. Erin believes in empowering others to take charge of their health, and is grateful for the opportunity to help change people's lives!

Making the front page of The Wall Street Journal caused people to come from all over the United States to meet Tommie

Tommie and Judy sitting in the yard at the shack in the 1980's, while he is teaching students from Duke University

Bart and Erin James at our third location of The Appalachian Herb Shop in the late 1980's

Tommie on the front page of Alabama Living.

Collinsville Trade Day, where it all began in 1983

Judy's first store, The Appalachian Herb Shop, in 1983

Attending his very first birthday party at age 75, Erin celebrates with many of the locals and doctors from Duke University. Tommie was like a grandfather to Bart and Erin

Tommie's article in The Atlanta Constitution, February 17, 1983

The Herbal Heart herb shop carrying on the tradition with Bart James and now Erin James second generation herbalists

Why Nature's Sunshine?

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